Simple Ideas for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal


When making home improvements, try to focus some of your efforts on the exterior and surrounding landscape, as well. If the interior gets a lot of attention, but the exterior doesn’t, they can seem out of sync for visitors. Low-cost suggestions include;


A more inviting entryway – One of the most high-profile exterior areas of your home is the entryway leading to the front door. It’s instinctive for people to focus on it, even those passing by. Consider painting the door an attention-grabbing color, like red. Invest in some shiny new door and doorbell hardware. Give the address numbers some attention, if necessary. And put out a fresh doormat.


Outdoor lighting – The impact of adding lights to your landscaping can be dramatic. Instead of staring out into a wall of darkness after the sun goes down, your yard becomes an extension of your home. Enjoy the nighttime views through the windows, or use the newly lit spaces to barbecue, relax or host evening gatherings.


More trees – When planted in an extra- large hole of healthy soil and watered regularly, most trees will quickly rise up and fill out into mature plantings, which makes the home they accompany seem more settled and sophisticated.


Power washing – The driveway, paths and walkways serving your house should be free of moss and other algae buildups, not only so they look their best, but also so no one slips and falls. Power washing makes this a relatively easy and inexpensive task,


First impressions are important – Whether you’re trying to sell your home or not, take some time to ensure your exterior looks it’s best.